Lockular's Journey

Lockular Limited, originally founded as DataSignals Limited, has evolved significantly over its six-year history. The company was established by Gary Mawdsley with a focus on developing core intellectual property—a filesystem underpinned by a secret sharing storage regime. This technology not only facilitates an access protocol but also ensures an immutable audit of filesystem access, proving extremely valuable in attesting to the provenance of electronic designs.

In its third year, the company underwent a pivotal transformation, rebranding to Lockular and shifting its focus towards product development. This transition was spearheaded by Ron Black, who joined as chairman to guide Lockular from a technology-centric team to a product-oriented company.

Lockular's flagship product emerged as a provenance tracking platform, developed internally to cater to high-value sectors such as energy, defense, pharmaceuticals, and luxury items. Additionally, Lockular collaborated with EclipseSource, Ericsson, and STMicroelectronics to develop a generalised cloud-based IDE, which serves as the foundation for its provenance tracking design IDE.

The platform quickly found application in the energy sector, where it was used by an early adopter to calculate, track, and record carbon savings from IoT boiler controllers. This solution not only secured data capture but also provided an immutable audit trail for carbon offset submissions.

Remaining with the energy sector Lockular's technology was next deployed a PoC with the UK's electricity transmission network (the DNOs) and in partnership with a potential reseller Point4. The PoC showed how LIDAR data files detailing vegetation infestation of the UK national critical infrastructure could be securely captured and access immutably tracked during subsequent analysis.

By the fourth year, Lockular had expanded its reach to the electronic design services industry, where a major chip design tooling company called Codasip utilised the platform to attest the provenance of chip designs and subsequently became a reseller.

Lockular Limited continues to innovate and expand, driven by a commitment to secure, verifiable data management across multiple high-stakes industries. Over recent years, Lockular has been awarded four patents for its underlying technologies.

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