Ethos & Ethics

Ethos & Ethics

Data in the digital age is what fossil fuels were in the industrial age. It’s what drives the global economy. Lockular was founded and built on three underpinning principles: the inalienable rights of individuals and entities to privacy, security, and control of their data. We strive to support these principles daily in what we do, what we make and what we sell.

Duties of Care & Loyalty

Duty of Care is our commitment to act fairly for the long-term benefits of all our stakeholders, whether shareholders, customers, employees or partners.

Duty of Loyalty is our obligation to act in a manner that is always in the sole and best interests of the company. Employees and directors must declare to the company any possible conflicts of interest and abide by the company’s policy to handle these conflicts. Relatively minor conflicts of interest may require an employee or director to recuse themselves from participation in some aspect of the business. Severe conflicts of interest may require separation from the business.

Ethical Hacking

As a security company, we may engage in white hat hacking activities while consulting to customers or third parties or indeed testing our own products and services to expose cyber vulnerabilities. Any Lockular hacking activities will be consistent with the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) credentialing such as GCHQ GCT, ANSI 17024, and/or US DoD Directive 8570.


Lockular’s IT embraces industry-leading cyber security principles such “Zero Trust Networks”, “Software Defined Perimeter” or other methodologies restricting access on a “needs to know” basis, and multi-factor authentication. These policies are regularly reviewed and updated by the executive management team.

To foster the most secure environment, all Lockular employees will be restricted to use only selected Linux Servers, selected Mac and PC laptops, selected Android and iPad tablets, and de-Googled Android phones all of which that use only company approved applications. Of course, we also use Lockular own products and services in the execution of our work.

Customers & Partners

Lockular is committed to its customers and partners for the long-term. The technology industry is built around ecosystems that must work together to create sustainable solutions. As a for-profit entity, we strive to achieve the optimum short, medium and long-term profitability for our shareholders whilst working closely and in a balanced way with customers and partners to ensure their businesses are also sustainable in the longer-term.

Competitors & Collaborators

Lockular believes tough but fair competition always creates the best solutions and enjoys its reputation as a tough but fair competitor.

In the technology industry, competitors can often also be collaborators, partnering to optimize sustainable ecosystems. We therefore subscribe to the principle of “coopetition”, wherever appropriate.

Our Team

As an intellectual capital company, our people and our culture are our greatest assets. We believe in meritocracy, rewarding results and investing in our talent to develop our team’s potential to the full.

Our Communities

Although Lockular is a global company, we recognize that we comprise many local teams. We embrace the principle of thinking globally but acting locally.