The Provenance Suite
Provenance Tracking Filesystem

Data files are securely stored on a blockchain, utilising Shamir's Secret Sharing for both file blocks and metadata, all managed within the blockchain framework.

Workflow Actor Management

Leveraging smart contract technology to track organisation structure and partner relationships, facilitating a robust sharing regime.

Theia.Cloud (Cloud Native)

Open sourced collaboration between EclipseSource, Lockular, Ericsson, STMicroelectronics to bring design IDEs to the Cloud in the form of provenance tracked sandboxes.

NFT Marketplace

A publicly accessible platform crafted for the exchange of IP snippets, available in both free and paid formats.

Secure Artifact Store

A meticulously curated repository of digital assets fortified by a smart contract framework and the robust security of the Lockular Secure Filesystem.

IoT Sensors

A suite of adapters designed for IoT devices, enabling secure capture, communication and storage of supply chain data via a locally attached provenance tracking filesystem.